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Topp Italia verifies the quality of its items in each production phase, to guarantee its excellence.

Many of the tapes commissioned to us require a high level of customisation. This often means items are unique, created and tailored to clients’ needs. Despite the complexity of the production, we monitor and verify the quality of the manufactured items during each work phase:

    1. The inbound textile is inspected by our Raw Materials Warehouse Logistics Manager who picks a set number of samples for analysis by the Purchasing and Quality Manager who inspects them in terms of appearance, construction, weight, colour, height, tensile strength and resistance to washing. The samples and the test records are archived and maintained;
    2. Having ensured qualitative compliance of the inbound material material with the order sent to the supplier, the textile is loaded in the warehouse with a data sheet and its identification data together with the digital identification code. From here, the transformation path begins from textile to tape with the first three operations of winding, sewing and biasing the cloth;
    3. Following the first three operations, the initial code (of the incoming textile) is replaced with the code of the semi-finished product that will accompany it in the subsequent cutting phases, any calendaring, sewing and all other processes, up to packaging and shipping. Each operation is accompanied both by reading the digital code of the internal processing order and reading of the digital code of the textile, and is recorded in the internal management system.
    4. . Both the orders intended for the End Products Warehouse (tapes always in stock) and the orders for customised tapes are loaded and tracked by the internal management system. The client is always sent an order confirmation with item specification, colour, size, price, shipping date, shipping and payment conditions. At any time, we are able to communicate to the client the progress of their products. Topp Italia staff are trained to perform precise procedures.
    5. Each processing phase (sewing, biasing, winding, cutting, folding, printing, sewing) includes quality control by the operator who, in case of discrepancies, submits the product for evaluation to the Production Manager. At the end of the process, a final check takes place by the operators of the End Products Warehouse Department (for the tapes ready for warehousing) and by the operators of the Shipping Department (for customised tapes). In case of evident non-conformity, the product is subjected to evaluation by the Production Manager who often avails of the opinion of the Manager of Style and Research and Development.
      6. Any discrepancies confirmed by the Manager provide for, as appropriate, a) the reprocessing of the product from scratch, b) the reprocessing of the product in the non-compliant part, c) notification to the client

To support the clients’ Style Offices, Topp Italia includes the preparation and sending of samples, colour cards, technical data sheets, estimation and calculation of production times.

Suppliers are selected and monitored by the Purchasing Manager on the basis of qualitative continuity, the certifications in their possession and the reliability of deliveries.