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Folded Tapes

We manufacture folded tapes in any dimension and with any type of fold, packaged both on 20-metre rolls and on 100 metre spools. Care and precision of the measurements and the processes make Topp Italia Folded Tapes the best and most requested on the market.

14 mm folded bias tapes

Classic format 14/4/4 mm;

Closed format 14/6.5/6.5 mm;

Any other width available

25 mm folded bias tapes

Classic format 25/5/5 mm;

Closed format 25/12/12 mm;

Any other width available.

Book-folded bias tapes

Classic middle fold;

One sided fold;

Any width.

Four-folded bias tapes

Middle fold and subsequent fold of two flaps;

Any width.

Stitched, folded bias tapes

Continuous stitch;

Any type of stitch;

On any type of tape.