Topp Italia | Inspired by Textiles

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A universe of combinations created using every type of material and inspired by unforeseeable creative projections. The starting point lies in our ability to transform the elements available in tapes, tubes, rat-tail cords and then put them together through braiding and twisting. Based on the objective, compositions come to the fore with multiple strands, being non-stretch or stretch, flat or inflated or round, soft or hard, which on each application come to life, such as drawstrings, or create complex items, such as scooby head pipings..

Braid 3 flat tapes
Braid 5 tubulars + elastic
Braid 3 rat-tail
Braid 7 tubulars
Braid 3 tofil
Braid 5 tofil
Two-tone scooby
Scooby on piping
Braid on piping