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Flat Tapes

Basic items commonly used in every production environment.
Supplied in all measures, cut from textiles and divided into BIAS TAPE whose weft and warp are positioned at an angle to allow curving on the final manufactured item, HEAT SEALED TAPE made with a hot grain cut, WEFT DIRECTION TAPE whose weft takes the place of the warp and seam joints are straight.

Bias tapes

From non-stretch textiles and materials;

Traditional bias of 45° and bias with other inclinations

Allows comfortable movement that adapts to the curves of garments;

Precise cuts and strong seams.

Grainline tapes

From stretch textiles and materials;

For linear applications, without curves;

To create bands and lanes.

Heat-sealed straight tapes

Manufactured using a hot cutting technique;

Used with visible cut;

Manufactured using man-made textiles, in particular polyester fabric

Weft direction tape

Manufactured using textiles with stretch weft;

Seams with dense stitching, more resistant to traction;

The stretchability of the weft on the original textile is transferred to the length (warp) of the final tape.