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Our collections

We study trends, we design together with clients, we experiment with new materials, we perfect creative solutions, we produce in our laboratory with hands brimming with passion.

Cuoremani - Autumn Winter 24/25

Autumn-Winter 24-25 drives our passion to boundaries we are experiencing for the first time. Towards a creative and manufacturing operation that uses often competing materials and techniques.

Our hands explore unusual moves and rhythms to develop super handmade items that go beyond the attributes of quality and durability.

It’s a non-obvious operativity that involves our deep emotions, with evident impacts on the eclectic movements of our creations and on the solutions we offer to our customers.

We hope that this book, which brings together a small part of our efforts, will be a useful source of inspiration for your work.

Cuoremani - Spring Summer 24

Passion, creativity and energy drive the hands, hearts and minds of the women and men of Topp Italia, every day.

They are passionate and expert people who inherit and carry on the skills and manufacturing tradition of the Brescia area.

The creative ability is linked to the movements of their hands, expert in cutting and sewing any type of fabric, even the most particular to manage .

Everything is transformed and every detail is carefully checked in order to become tapes, ribbons and trimmings to be placed on clothes and accessories, on footwear and leather goods, on linen and furnishings of the most important brands in the world.

Fall Winter 23-24

Cuoremani - Spring Summer 23

Creativity experiences FW 22-23

Seduction, elegance, freedom and passion are the keywords that describe bohemian atmospheres.

Organized fabrics, shiny satins blend with lace, revealing mischievous transparencies.
Velvets, bouchè with a soft hand are combined with contrasting borders and playful trimmings.

Black & White dress in romanticism, leaving the imagination the courage to go against the tide

Get Up - Spring Summer 22

Creativity – Pride – Confidence – Passion – Resilience – Responsibility

Fall Winter 21-22

A gaze illuminates and feelings re-emerge in the heart, opposites merge and create harmonious co-existence: colours with white and black, gloss with matt, dull with bright, softness with hardness, fine with coarse, linear with embossing and stretch with non-stretch..

120 unique processes, inspired by use of materials chosen to guarantee reliability and practicality. A path covered in treasures, to investigate and evaluate one by one.

Ethical direction

We care about environmental protection and we promote sustainable behaviour in our commitment to create eco-friendly products and processes. We select organic and recycled materials that we work in our laboratory based on shared social, ethical and environmental policies.
We offer a guarantee supported by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification to control and comply with non-toxic parameters, GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard for the items created with organic materials and GRS Global Recycled Standard for products created with recycled components.
50 items originating from our research process for conscious fashion, through creative experiences that merge our skills with client expectations.


PERFORMANCE DIRECTION is a trip through elegance, technique and the essential. 80 items that interpret rigorous trimming whose shapes, materials and colours can be combined even in contrast, with more attention on performance rather than style.

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